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With the season finale came a ton of incredible questions, but a single truth is evident. There are 5 realities and none can be ignored. Westworld opened Pandora’s box. Your Westworld season 2 reaction.


Accept it. There are 5 realities and Westworld season 2 exposed them all. Asking what’s real is like asking about love. You know it when you feel it, so all 5 realities are equally valid to those inside. The forge, the cradle, the secret host world inside the forge, what we as the audience perceive to be reality, and the truth. Those 5 realities all exist, more so than anyone’s free will.

Westworld season 2 was Bernard’s journey through reality. The first season was Dolores’ journey through time. Season 3 will be William’s journey through himself. Here’s hoping season 4 is all about Maeve and how humans and hosts alike can learn, change and grow to be different from what our character and story originally dictated. Yet if our story itself was to learn and change, then it was predetermined as well. Existence is futile.

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We love Westworld! Season one took us on a wild ride. Westworld Season 2 was even crazier, with the future just as prevalent as the past and multiple realities sprinkled in. What are your Westworld predictions? Can anyone truly live in this world?

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Westworld Season 2 was completely out of the box! We have no idea where the show will end up in the upcoming seasons, but we’ll discuss it all anyways. BuzzChomp TV.

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