Total Blackout

Among other shows, my fiancée got me hooked on Wipeout, one of her guilty pleasure TV shows in which contestants compete in a whacky obstacle course, constantly falling, slipping and sliding all over the place. With only a shred of hope in winning, each contestant almost always gets banged up by hard tumble. Something about watching people fall is so darn hilarious! Why is that?

 Then we came across Total Blackout on the SyFy network. Hosted by Jalleel White, this show is a must see as contestants compete in total darkness while identifying objects, live or inanimate, transferring them from point A to point B. Watching people fall is one thing but watching people squirm and scream in fear is not only funny, but definitely worth rewinding several times. The squeals and expressions from the contestants are priceless! Every episode is funnier than the next. The producers of the show are brilliant! They have included every creepy, crawly thing known to man. In total darkness our minds can play dirty little tricks on us. If you’re looking for a good belly laugh, don’t miss this show!

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