The Whole Foods Revolution

Has Whole Foods started a fresh food revolution? Damn, I hope so! Last year we in California had the opportunity to make it mandatory for farmers and companies to label genetically modified foods or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism). What a concept, actually knowing whether or not your food is fresh or shot up with steroids, given extra nutrients, or genetically modified in some other way.  Well, sad face, the voters in California did not pass this initiative. Luckily Whole Foods is doing something about this. By 2018 the store will make it mandatory for all products to note the presence of GMOs. Heck yah, high five, kick start the revolution to truly healthy living!

Healthy living is important to everyone. Healthy on the inside and outside! That means eating healthy, which to some of you means boring food. How wrong you are. Let me tell you, I’m an expert at delicious healthy meals. Cookbook coming soon! Fruits and vegetables are all so dynamic and yummy, but today we have no idea what’s been genetically modified and what’s all natural. Healthy eating means natural foods, otherwise you can be junking up your body and not even know it.

Whole Foods to the rescue please! In walks a national grocery store chain, mandating we know what’s in the foods we buy. They’re the first national chain to do this, but hopefully not the last! With Whole Foods leading the way let the revolution begin.

I’m selfishly excited about this! A goal of mine is to live a happy and healthy life always. Knowing what’s in my food and where it comes from is a huge step towards healthy living. Positive steps people! Woo!

You go Whole Foods, paving the way towards a healthier future! Hopefully others follow your example. I know I’ll be shopping more at your store and now those of us who want to know exactly what we’re eating can. YES!

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