The White Lotus season 1 Murder Mystery or Worse?

The White Lotus season 1 a murder mystery or worse? The new Mike White show’s trailer, premiering July 11 on HBO Max, gives very little details surrounding the plot of the show. Even with the sparse details, this show looks amazing!

Described as a satirical drama, The White Lotus season 1 hits HBO Max July 11th. Is it a murder mystery or worse? Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me because the trailer has me so excited for this show. I’m ready to dive into this new show by Mike White. Make sure you watch our full preview here.

Set in a paradise local, The White Lotus boasts a stellar cast. Connie Britton and Steve Zahn play a married couple on vacation. Jennifer Coolage also stars and plays definitely one of her quirky characters. The focus of her character in the trailer is her obsession with one of the staff members, played by Natasha Rothwell, who gives her the best massage ever! Molly Shannon has a guest starring role playing a mother who crashes her sons honeymoon.

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My initial reaction to all the info I have on the show is could this possibly like a Perfect Getaway, which just happens to be one of Steve Zahn’s movies. The film looked all picture perfect with a couple going on a Hawaiian getaway, but their is a murderous couple on a murder rampage. Of course it ends up being one of the main couples the movie follows! Since this show gives us only a basic premise, I’m expecting some dark twist and turns and now a Seinfeld esque show about nothing set in paradise.

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The White Lotus with it’s amazing cast has me eagerly ready to go down the rabbit hole. Boasted as a mini-series, I’m ready for whatever paradise journey this satirical drama has to offer. Who’s taking this trip too?


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