The West Wing Revisited S1E4 | VP Power Play

The West Wing Revisited S1E4 it’s a VP power play. This episode gives us more insight into who the VP is. We still don’t have a full picture, but we know he’s using this gun bill to flex his own political muscles and he ends up the winner.


The West Wing Revisited S1E4 it’s a VP power play. Prior to this episode, we only briefly met the Vice President. What we learned is he definitely does not have a good reputation with the President and they’d all prefer not to go to him for help. This episode the VP gets to flex his political muscles and show us his own power play.

The West Wing S1E4 Reaction

A lot of this episode revolves around Josh and him flexing his own political muscles. They are 5 votes down on this gun bill and they need to get all those votes back. Josh successfully gains a few votes. He basically shows these politicians they need to fall in line, even though his fraternity brother makes his own power play.

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We learn that Leo’s marriage falls apart due to him working all the time. His wife has had enough and no gifts, dinner, or explanation will do right now. Leo also bonds with the VP. Both are alcoholics and the VP invites Leo to an AA meeting that he attends.

In the end, the VP is the winner. He secures the final vote for the bill. I definitely think he planned this. He wants to be President one day and he shows his strength, connections, and his own political power play. I’m sure this will come back in future episodes and seasons.

This is a good episode. We learn more about the workings of everyone as well as see the dynamic between more of the White House staff. What are your thoughts on S1E4. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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