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The Walking Dead Season 8 quick recap cliff notes! All out war has come and gone and a new world is upon us. It’s time for a quick season 8 recap to remind us all of what happened or didn’t happen.


The Walking Dead season 8 was definitely my least favorite season. All out War was drawn out and diverted the most from the comics by killing off Carl. Let’s face it, the whole season can be categorized into three simple sections! The first section is Rick and Co. uniting all of the groups together to band against Negan.

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The second section is the beginning of Rick’s plan to destroy Negan. Now that they’ve all banded together, they trap the Saviors in the Sanctuary and want to basically starve them out. While they’re starving them out, Rick needs to convince the garbage people to join them. He’s also guilted by Carl into not wanting revenge on Negan.

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The third section of the plan falls apart just as Rick convinced the garbage people to join them. This is largely due to Darryl and Rosita’s stupidity. Neither one of them can just let the plan run its course. They give the Saviors a way out and Eugene ends up taking advantage of that. Then Carl gets bit, saves Alexandria and dies. Now it’s time for a face-off with Negan and who comes through but Eugene! Rick and Co. defeat the Saviors and Rick decides to spare Negan. All is well, except Daryl and Maggie feel wronged by Rick. Civil war is brewing, or is it?


That was the Walking Dead Season 8 recap cliff notes! Are you excited for Season 9?

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