The Walking Dead Season 6 Preview: Rick Vs. Morgan

It’s Fangirl Friday and it’s all about The Walking Dead! Season 6 looks like Rick Vs. Morgan.

The Walking Dead is BACK sunday kids! We cannot wait! It looks like it’s still pretty tense in Alexandria and with the way Rick freaked out last season will they be looking to newcomer Morgan to take over. Not on Rick’s watch kids! We love both of these guys but we can’t have against one another!

Rick Vs. Morgan creates more harm than good! We can only hope that Morgan understands what would happen if he goes against Rick. There are bigger threats out there: walkers and the Wolves!

Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

Mandi is a true Fangirl and loves Vlogging:
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Happy Fangirl Friday! The Walking Dead is coming back!

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