The Walking Dead – OMG they ‘Conquer’ with blood!


It’s Fangirl Friday! The Walking Dead’s season finale OMG they ‘Conquer’ with Blood!

Shit got CRAZY on the season finale of The Walking Dead. Glenn and Nicholas BATTLE. Aaron and Daryl get set up and make a new friend in Morgan. YES. Morgan is back kids! BUT the heart of the episode had all to do with Rick Grimes.

Deanna and the people of Alexandria need to decide the fate of Rick except of course they prove they need Rick by being as careless as they’ve been. Oh man though. Where does Alexandria and our group of survivors go from here? OMG! Rick was ruthless!

I can’t believe we have to wait until October to see the W people again and to see how Alexandria reacts to the craziness!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and The Walking Dead did it again! Now we have to wait until October for a new season!

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