The Walking Dead: Consequences of War with Negan

The Walking Dead is about to go to with War with Negan but are the consequences worth it?

I’m all for a good old Walking Dead War but Negan is ruthless kids and Rick seems to be high on himself these days so of course it’s time for him to be knocked back down a few pegs. Can they really defeat Negan or are they setting themselves up for a lot of war, heartache and destruction?

I’m nervous for our group of survivors! I’m very nervous. War with Negan is going to come at a big consequence even if they’re able to win people are going to die! I’m definitely thinking this is the beginning of the end for Glenn! I don’t want him to go but he’s definitely going to be a casualty of Negan! Some major characters are dying!

Comment on my video and let me know if you agree with my consequences!


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Happy Fangirl Friday! Can’t wait for more The Walking Dead!

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