Pretty Little Liars: Facts of Season 6B!

Pretty Little Liars all of the facts of season 6B laid out!

The verdict is out on the second half of this season. Nothing has really changed. It’s the same old story and we still have no idea why this new ‘A’ is messing with the PLL’s. The original A’s were always messing with the girls because of Alison! Now it’s because of CeCe’s death? It’s just not adding up for us.

The only character who has changed a little bit is Emily. She’s not as trusting and gullible as she was before. At the end of this past episode she sees Mona with the keys and Mona tries to act all innocent. Emily totally yelled at her! She goes “Get in the car!”

Otherwise, the facts are slim kids and the show is just dragging us along. I need something real and good to happen soon, or else this mystery is not worth it.

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Happy Fangirl Friday! Verdicts out on more Pretty Little Liars!

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