The “Spin Cycle” Seduction Technique

The art of seduction begins with attraction. The most effective technique I’ve noted is one I call the “Spin Cycle.” Its basis is this: a potential partner seeks to stimulate our interest through their heightened attention and attraction to us. Its extraordinary “hit rate” is effective because it bolsters self-worth.

Who doesn’t enjoy being the center of another’s admiration? When the laser beam of positive attention is focused upon us we feel “special.” We find ourselves suddenly attracted to the person who values us, as we value ourselves. It ignites the thrill of a new romance in tempting our dreams of passion, and the hopes of a loving partnership.

The bait, the lure, and the chase are all elements of the game of seduction. As we venture toward an unknown future with a new lover, how do we know if their goal is conquest or relationship?

The Spin Cycle has one telltale feature; it’s fast-paced. The ride is swift and furious with spikes and peaks of emotion. There’s a “push” to enter sexual expression quickly. The Spin Cycle is designed to knock us off-balance. A seasoned player uses this technique to capture our heart, before our head can figure out what’s happening.

Seduction of this nature is the prelude to an intense affair. It lacks the slow methodical pace of one who is looking for an ongoing partner. It lacks the prolonged process of getting to know another’s thoughts, values and goals. Rapidity is the key element in this game. There isn’t time to think clearly, only time to react. The magnitude of this force drives the sexual goal forward in the hopes of relief, through ecstasy.

To slow the cycle of spin, one must first realize that they’re “being spun.” Then, pro-actively slow down the pace of romantic involvement. If our attentive “lover” backpedals, protests or seeks to punish us with games… we’ve lost nothing and gained valuable information. A true partner who’s over-the-top for us will stay consistent in their attention and emotional connection. They will allow us to set a pace that feels comfortable and realistic.

The Spin Cycle offers no partnership. Only this promise: The faster the ride up, the faster the descent down. Whether you chose to take this ride, or not, is up to you. But at least you will know when you are being spun.

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