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The Simpsons Best of Valentine’s Day! They’re great with holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

The Simpsons Valentine’s Day game is awesome! There are two classic episodes that just have amazing Valentine’s Day moments! The first of course being “I love you Lisa.” That’s right, I choo choo choose you! Ralph Wiggum falls in love with Lisa and just doesn’t get a clue. Lisa ends up reluctantly dating Ralph and there are just some amazing moments in the episode!

The other episode which has equally as many awesome moments is “I’m with Cupid.” This one is much more of a Homer and Marge centric episode. Of course, Homer can’t handle Apu’s declarations of love for his wife Manjula, so he forms a club to sabotage all of Apu’s ideas! Such a classic Simpson’s episode with equally as amazing moments!

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The Simpsons do Valentine’s Day right! If only more TV shows did episodes like these two! They’re so great and they’re perfect to binge watch this Valentine’s Day!

The Simpsons Best of Valentine’s Day! What are some of your favorite episodes or moments?

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