The Secret World of Women’s “Deal Breakers”

You’re a good guy. You have a good job, good life and think yourself as a good dating prospect. So why did she toss you out with the trash?

Gentlemen, welcome to the secret world of a woman’s mind. And, to the odd “deal breakers” that can cancel out the incredible date (you thought) you had and leave you wondering what happened.

It’s not what you’d imagine and nothing for which you could prepare yourself. It’s the illogical and unpredictable nature of our deal breakers. They’re as unique as we are. There’s no predicting at which point you may fail us if we happen to stumble across one of our personalized deal breakers. We may or may not tell you. But we won’t be seeing you again.

Men, you have your preferences as well. Some of you like your women thin, though your ideal mate may be hiding in a larger package. Some of you only want a blonde when your love match may be the brunette you see every day but fail to notice. Whether it’s breast size, type of physique or the color of our skin, you have to admit you overlook some very fine candidates while culling through the choices that match your preferences. So do we.

If you’ve wondered why she doesn’t return your texts, read on…

1.Chest hair: Okay, I admit it. This one’s mine. I can’t fight it. I can’t get around it. Sadly, I’ve had to recycle many a good younger man when he’s sprouted the first evidence of manhood.

2.Socks with sandals: This is the ultimate deal breaker for my friend. On first dates she’ll go right for your feet to check for evidence of a tan line at the ankle. She even puts this dictate in her online profile as a serious deal breaker. Oddly, men assume it’s a joke. It’s not.

3.You don’t look like a football player: A friend of mine only date’s big men. If her Prince Charming had a trust fund but showed up lean and lanky, he’d be discarded.

4.Funky toenails: A lady I know tries to find a clever way to get a man to remove his shoes by the 2nd date. They get excited in the hopes that this is a prelude to more clothes will be removed. It’s only a ruse. If she doesn’t like what she sees, he’s out.

5.Bad teeth: My colleague won’t kiss a man if he has bad teeth. He may be next in line to the British throne but won’t make the cut with her.

6.Baggy-assed jeans: No, she’s not European. She hates the whole loose jeans thing on men as it defies the purpose of seeing them walk away.



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