The Regrettes

The Regrettes

“Hailing from Columbus Ohio…they came all the way here to be with you tonight! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome…THE REGRETTES!”

This band produces pitch-perfect, 1960’s, Motown soul music! The kind that leaves you yearning for more!

The Regrettes (great name by the way), fronted by two female singers, Meagan Hutchinson and Lizzy Morris, produce a sound like no other! Maybe that’s because they are the only ones doing it like they do!

The Regrettes are also blessed with a group of backing musicians that figured out the perfect musical recipe…keep it simple and let the groove roll out!

Night after night these guys (and gals) leave it all out on the stage (and the folks in the pit do too). The Regrettes make it possible for baby boomers (like me) to recall the effect am-radio had on us ALL back in 1965! I guess some regrets are worth having!

This Means War

I love this tune! This song is the title track to the 3 song sampler released as a prelude to their full length release coming later this month. These girls’ voices fit soooo sweetly together…they make the most wonderful sound! Ya know, I feel the same way now about The Regrettes that I felt back in 1990 when I first heard The Black Crowes. Retro-Gold Baby!

On This Means War, it’s as if Diana Ross and the Supremes live again! One might even say their sound is reminiscent of that once great time when Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” reigned supreme. I just love it, and you will too! The Regrettes do their best to capture the sound of the soul-tinged-sixties and they hit the nail right on the proverbial head! The horn section in this tune is tight! Simple, but tight! It is full of bouncy guitar work, the drums sound nice and round, and the breakdowns (complete with street singers and dancers ‘talking-it-up’ in the background) make this track ooze with groove and style! If this means war, I want more!

I love The Regrettes! Their sound, the production, the arrangements…all of it! Grab the 3 track sampler and get ready for the full-length release coming at the end of November! Don’t be a square, The Regrettes are a gas! (I couldn’t resist).

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