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The Offer Episode 9 is here and it’s once again Fact Vs. Fiction. This episode is so good! There is a lot of facts in this episode and of course a mixture of embellishments in the retelling of this story.


The Offer Episode 9 is here and we’re breaking down fact or fiction. I love how so much of what happened is true to an extent. Like in previous episode, some of the details of how things happened are different.

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They made it to Italy to shoot Michael’s Sicily journey for The Godfather. The truth is they actually did go to a town called Corleone. The mob was there, but Al Ruddy did not get approached by them. Corleone is busier than they thought it would be so that’s why they went to the other town they found.

The Mob New York screening is true! It happened basically exactly how they portrayed it too. I love that Al Ruddy did a personal screening for the mob. The mob guys did love the movie so much. That’s great that all of that is true!

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The Godfather run time was a big pain point for Gulf and Western and they did want them to cut 30 minutes off of it. Bob Evans supported the long cut of The Godfather. So that is all pretty much true. The details obviously with Barry Lupidus is a bit changed because he is a amalgamation of a few different real life executives.

The whole Bob Evans story line is fabricated. Evans did have a drug problem and a bad back during the filming of The Godfather, but none of that affected his work. He actually came to the set of The Godfather on a gurney.

The Offer Episode 9 breaks down fact vs fiction! Only one episode left! Share with us yours and check out our fact vs fiction video.

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