The Offer Episode 10 Fact VS Fiction

The Offer Episode 10 is here and it’s once again Fact Vs. Fiction. This episode conclude this limited series. It once again gives us some great faction with fiction mixed in!


The Offer Episode 10 is here and we’re breaking down fact or fiction. I loved this show so much. The acting is great, the story is super interesting. I like how they stayed pretty true to how it went down, but they did of course change things.

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It is a fact that Al Ruddy did not produce The Godfather 2, but the reasons behind it are changed for The Offer. In The Offer, Ruddy wants to produce his own project, an idea he’s had for a long time. That film is The Longest Yard. It is true that this is his next project.

I read that it was part of The Godfather 2 contract that Al Ruddy would not produce it. There is conflicting stories. It’s rumored he wasn’t on speaking terms with Frances Ford Coppola and they were not as 3 Musketeers like as The Offer makes them off to be.

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The Godfather distribution and marketing plan is a fact, but once again the details are just slightly changed. During this time period, movies are not released wide like they are today. That part is true. Normally a film ran in a few theaters, got buzz, and then rolled out to more theaters.

The idea to push The Godfather out to over 300 theaters all at once did happen, but it didn’t happen in the first week. They rolled it out in the second week so the first week it was only in a few theaters. This did change the distribution of film and showed that people would show up in the theaters anytime of year and all at once.

The Offer Episode 10 breaks down fact vs fiction! I really enjoyed The Offer! Share with us yours and check out our fact vs fiction video.

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