The most insane 30 day Fitness Challenge yet!


After completing my HIIT 30 day fitness challenge last month, I wanted to go back to a more traditional 30 day challenge for my next conquest. I loved the HIIT challenge, but it was truly its own daily workout. I figured, let’s do a challenge that’s strictly an addition to my workouts. Enter the Ab challenge. My core is strong, so I thought it would be a piece of cake! Anything would be less intense than the HIIT workouts, right? How wrong I was; the Ab challenge was the most insane 30 day fitness challenge yet!


The Ab challenge consists of three exercises: crunches, flutter kicks, and forearm plank. It’s simple enough and I thought, no biggie. Boy was I wrong. This challenge works you up to 160 crunches, 500 flutter kicks, and a five-minute forearm plank on day thirty. DAMN kids. This bad boy started small, but ended up being its own daily workout.
Day one starts off pretty easy with 40 crunches, 60 flutter kicks, and a minute of forearm plank. Like all great fitness challenges, the Ab challenge increments slowly, adding 5 crunches, 20 flutter kicks, and 20 seconds of forearm plank each day. Plus every third day is an “easy” day, where you drop back down to day one’s activity. Did I mention that there are days with multiple two minute forearm planks? Yeah kids, you do them twice, three times, and even four times in a day.


Did you know that flutter kicks are insanely intense? They are. I never thought I’d dread a forearm plank either, but during this challenge I hated both those flutter kicks and those forearm planks!

A funny thing happened about halfway through the Ab challenge; the entire flow transformed. The flutter kicks weren’t so hard and intense anymore. I learned to attack those forearm planks first, when I was strongest. Sure, the planks were still my least favorite part, but the dread was gone. Not only was I getting physically stronger, but mentally stronger too!

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I love how each 30 day fitness challenge is constantly surprising me. Even if it starts off mild, each challenge always ends INTENSE. There are always moments when I wish I hadn’t taken it on, that I wasn’t doing the challenge at all. But in the end I always love it! I’m both seeing and feeling the results, which is the best part of fitness. It’s why I keep stressing these challenges. You challenge your entire self.


Finishing a 30 day fitness challenge is extremely gratifying, but the experience of such an intense challenge is what keeps me motivated! It keeps me wanting more from myself, wanting to push my body past limits that were never really there.

Jump on the 30 day challenge bandwagon! Trust me, you won’t regret it. And definitely try one of the Ab Challenges (Found HERE). If this is your very first challenge, try the Ab Challenge Level I as opposed to Level II. Seriously, this challenge was the most insane and intense 30 day fitness challenge yet!

Let me know how it goes for you. Tweet me @mandimellen and @BuzzzChomp or comment below with your experiences and results photos. Yeah kids!



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