The Mandalorian Season 2 Ep7 Reaction | BIG Reveal

The Mandalorian Season 2 ep 7 reaction is here and we have a huge big reveal. Even though this episode felt like a filler one it brought our story to where it needs to be for the season finale!


The Mandalorian season 2 ep 7, The Believer, brought us a huge reveal! That is right, Mando took off his helmet again! Last season I did a helmet watch and this season I really didn’t think we’d get to see Mando’s face again. Boy was I wrong and I’m so glad I was. Make sure you watch our full ep 7 reaction!


The big reveal of course is Mando taking off his mask once again. This episode brought one of my favorite guest stars back. Bill Burr’s Mayfield, who for all you who don’t remember double crossed Mando last season. That led to Mando of course locking Mayfield up and now he’s serving a 50 year sentence.

Mando and Mayfield go on a mission to find Moff Gideon’s ship location and it is here that Mando once again has to take off his helmet. This is definitely a crisis of faith for Mando. Not only does he take it off around other people, but someone that he despises sees his face.

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Mayfield dubs in brown eyes and completely supports Mando, helps him through this adventure, and even says to him that it will be their secret. Mando, uncomfortable, nervous, supports Mayfield even though he makes them battle their way out of the imperial base. Mayfield of course needs his revenge on that horrible imperial officer.

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I said this is a filler episode because all they needed was Moff Gideons ship location. What this episode really did through that big reveal is make Mando once again question his faith. What I def think will happen is he’ll reveal his face again and def to baby Yoda.


Only one more episode left in season 2. It will be the big Moff Gideon battle! I see Bo-Katan coming back as well as Karga and Cara. It’d be awesome if Mayfield joined them, but I don’t see that happening this season. How do you think this season will end?


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