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The Mandalorian Episode 3 reaction is here! They are fugitives now! Another really good episode solidifying the style, pace, and progression of this Star Wars show!


Our The Mandalorian episode 3 reaction is here! Beware of SPOILERS throughout this reaction! The Mandalorian and baby Yoda are fugitives now! I knew it would happen, but that didn’t take from any moment of this episode! Check out our reaction video, then comment below with your theories.

Besides the Mandalorian rescuing baby Yoda after taking the reward for him, we learned more about him and his people. Only one Mandalorian can be above ground at a time and when he brings back his take from the bounty the other Mandalorians are jealous. He’s followed the code by not taking off his helmet or letting any one else take it off so even though the people he associates with are not good none of that matters.


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It appears that we won’t see the Mandalorian without his helmet any time soon especially since he values his people and their loyalty. After he successfully rescues baby Yoda, there is a huge target on his back. Instantly, the trackers of all other bounty hunters are activated again. The Mandalorian can’t get out of the city, but his fellow Mandalorians comes to his aid! I love that this happened!

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This episode opens up so many possibilities for where the show can go to now. I’m hoping for some more cameos as this episode gave us Jon Favreau as the alpha Mandalorians voice, but other than that no other cameos. The Mandalorian definitely needs to find himself some allies now that him and baby Yoda are fugitives. They will be hunted and they will need all the help they can get.



I’m totally digging this series because it’s refreshing and well paced. This episode clocked in at just 36 minutes and open the door to so many possibilities! Let me know what some of your theories are!

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