The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 7 | Prison Life Gone Wild

Death and betrayal flood Danny’s mind and spill out into real life drama. With his personas killing one another and fighting to survive, will Danny himself be the last version standing? The Crowded Room season 1.


War erupts inside Danny’s head and literally in the prison. He nearly assaults Rya, gets beat up in the gym, then begins murdering his personalities. His prison life has gone wild and who knows which version of Danny will survive. The Crowded Room season 1.

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The Crowded Room season 1 has thrust us into the mess of people created within Danny’s mind, but did he actually kill anyone? The police know and Rya is just baiting him into admission. But Danny does not know, because all of these people in his life end up gone. He created them and then destroys them.


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the crowded room season 1


The fact that Ariana, Yitsach, Johnny, and even Adam are all fictitious pieces of Danny is an all or nothing game. He keeps creating people to hide his trauma, killing them to move on in life. Danny just hid out in the ghost house, by himself, until one personality dragged him somewhere else. The Crowded Room season 1 is nothing as it seems.

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This show wants us to believe Danny is a killer, but he is not. It’s his other personalities that do the dirty work, handle the rape by his step father, and seek out revenge. How do you punish someone who has no memory or motivation to do the crime? Keep your comments coming and then check out our video on episode 7.


the crowded room season 1


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