Best & Worst Restaurants in USA!

I told you they were coming. I teased my excitement, and hot damn, how I’ve anticipated them. Those list that round out the year are finally here! Love, dig, and thoroughly enjoy these lists. Most recently, I read one on The Ten Best and Worst Restaurants in America. They count down the top five healthiest places to eat and then spell out the five places never to set foot in again. Umm, yes please!

I love to go out to eat. The thrill of adventure… I anticipate a good meal out as if it’s my last, but I’m picky as to where I’ll go. No fast food joints here! Quick Mexican food is one thing, but steer clear of mass production. Now quickly indulge and click on the article to see all the delicious pics. Back? Great! Let’s start with the worst restaurant according to MSN, so we can of course end on a high note. The worst restaurant in America is… The Cheesecake Factory. Oh my, I never knew your huge one thousand calorie salads were not good for me. And your pasta? You mean two thousand calories for one meal is not a good idea? Okay, I’m being facetious. If you live in NY or Cali then you’re able to read the whole booklet of Cheesecake Factory nutritional info. I’ve read it and now there is nothing I can order there. It turned me off from almost everything on their menu! Apparently they have a “SkinniLicious” menu. I call bull crap and suggest being very careful when you eat there. They’re meals are high in calories, high in fat and in sodium! Beware.

Something surprising on the MSN list is Red Lobster. It must be on the worse list right, with places like TGI Fridays, Perkins, Friendly’s and Baja Fresh. Nope! Apparently Red Lobster is a nutritional superstar compared to other sit down chains. They have many low calorie meals weighing in at under five hundred calories. Hot damn, you go Red Lobster!

Let’s drumroll it for the number one restaurant in America. Keep the beat going! It’s Subway. Not a surprising choice really, but definitely a healthy place to eat. Personally I like Subway. They have a ‘Fresh Fit’ menu and its easy to find their nutritional info. Plus you can make all their subs into salads. Score!

So some restaurants are healthy, many aren’t, but all and all it comes down to you. Make smart and healthy choices. Make the right food choices for you in the New Year. If you have the option to look at nutritional info, do it! Keep yourself informed, especially since the good old US of A is a nation full of chains. It’s what we’ve become, but just know you can always find something relatively healthy anywhere you go to eat! Follow my lead and always want to eat healthy. And if you’re road tripping, stop at Subway over Cheesecake Factory!

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