#TBT – Entourage is back baby!


It’s #TBT video blog and we’re throwing it back to Entourage the TV show!

I’m super excited for Entourage the movie. So excited that I binged watch the TV series a few months ago! All we have to say is we can’t wait for TURTLE to be back! Turtle was my favorite. But we loved all the guys and we hope they redeem Vince in the movie!

How about all those awesome guest stars? Eric Roberts. Val Kilmer as the sherpa! I can’t wait to see who shows up in the movie! So excited kids.

Mandi loves a throwback and she loves Vlogging:
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TBT - Entourage Entourage-movie-shoots-in-January

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Happy #TBT! Go Binge Entourage!
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1 Comment

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