Super Bowl edition “They said what?” sports quote game


Nothing beats the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and Seesaw Sports is celebrating with “They said what?” sports quote game. All NFL, all football, and all-time great, these sports quotes were made for pigskin.

Seesaw Sports, where Dan Salem and Todd Salem throw down on the NFL, MLB, NBA and more. Two brothers from New York yell, scream and debate sports.


The rules at Seesaw Sports are as follows: Player 1 presents player 2 with a sports quote.

– The quote can be about sports
– Can be said by a famous sportsman
Can be both about sports and said by a famous sportsman, but NEVER neither one

The quote is given, along with three hints as to who said it. Player two then responds with their guess. A correct answer is worth one point for player two. An incorrect guess is worth one point for player one.

Todd won the 2014 contest fair and square, with eight points to Dan’s six. Applause please.

Now we wipe the slate clean for 2015. “They said what?”



It’s about time for 2015’s first installment of “They Said What?” Last year, this game was a smashing success, at least in my mind. After 7 rounds, I came out on top with eight points to your six. Go me.

Here is my round one quote for 2015, accompanied by three hints. Good luck.

“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.”


Hint one: This man was a former Pro Bowl NFL player.

Pro Bowl


Hint two: He was better known though as a head coach.

pete carroll wins SB


Hint three: He is famously known for wearing a specific article of clothing.

Aaand go!

Bill_Belichick at SB



Only a few notable NFL coaches come to mind when famous articles of clothing are added to the equation.

Actually, only two men came to my mind. One was Bill Belichick and his famous hoodie. But I know he was not a Pro Bowl player. The other man was known for his hat and coached America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.

The man is Tom Landry. He uttered those words.



Yes indeed, Tom Landry is the correct answer.

My hint-giving skills have not been up to snuff lately; number three was much too valuable of a hint in hindsight.

tom landry


Score so far:
Todd – 0 points
Dan – 1 point



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