Summer comfort Wear for beach, pool, or porch!


Summer comfort… No, not Southern Comfort. Although that was my alcohol of choice between the ages of 21 to 28 (with Diet Coke and a lime of course). When it comes to dressing comfortable for the summer heat, a few items come to mind.

Now I’m not talking about ‘work’ comfortable or ‘going out dancing’ comfortable. I’m talking about LOUNGING comfortable. Be it at the beach, on the patio, or on the couch, these are my must have items to wear when the weather heats up.

Comfy Flip Flops

Reef 'stargazer' flip flops

Reef ‘stargazer’ flip flops

  • I appreciate a sexy pair of wedge sandals, but when I want to relax I slip on a pair of flip flops and not just any kind. Some flip flops tear at the top of my feet (ouch), while others break on me too easily. Last summer I came across the ‘perfect’ pair by REEF and they’re called the “star gazer flip flop.” They have a touch of sparkle but nothing too crazy. They are light weight and comfortable, yet also durable. Good for beach, patio, pool, post pedicure. Heck, I’ve even worn mine on the train commute to/from work and since they’re light weight they’re easy to carry in your purse!
  • I got mine at Nordstrom for $20.21 (random price) – Click Here to check em out for yourself.



Comfy Bra

Shimera seamless convertible bandeau

Shimera seamless convertible bandeau

  • Although I appreciate a good push-up bra, between the underwire and the thick cups, it can all be too much in the summertime heat. This bra, called the Seamless Convertible Bandeau by Shimera, comes with removable straps which I love because I can pop them off if I’m wearing a racer back tank. With no underwire or tight elastic bands, this bra offers support without being too tight. It has light cups so it gives you some shape, which for me is a must. You slip it on/off over your head and so far mine hasn’t stretched out. Super comfortable and the fabric is buttery soft.
  • I got mine at Nordstrom for $18 – Click Here to check em out for yourself.



Comfy Tank

Signorelli 'I eat glitter for breakfast' muscle tank

Signorelli ‘I eat glitter for breakfast’ muscle tank

  • A classic tank top is a must. In my mind you can never have just one of these. My opinion is that cotton is the way to go since it’s lightweight and it’s breathable. Once you involve spandex or polyester I immediately think sweaty; I think ‘riding up’ in the wrong places like around the hips. So with this item I’m not partial to a particular brand, but I’ve found some cute ones at Victoria’s Secret, GAP, and Nordstrom. The one pictured is a recent fave I found in the Nordstrom Juniors dept. I’m always game for a sassy print or text like this one by Signorelli “I eat glitter for breakfast.”  Comfort wise, I like the racer back tanks to relax in because they let the air flow through. I also like them a little longer in length because I find it more flattering to the figure.
  • I got mine at Nordstrom for $18 – Click Here to check em out for yourself.



Comfy Pants

Hard Tail Voile Pants

Hard Tail Voile Pants

  • I typically don’t prance around in my bikini, nor do I like the feeling of shorts in the hot weather. But sometimes I want something flowy, yet still cute. This is when I grab my black ‘Voile Pants’ by Hard Tail. They’re 100% cotton, (very) wide leg, with a soft, fold down stretchy waistband. These pants are both comfy and cute. Score! They have the signature Hard Tail tab on the back of the waistband as well. Wear them with a pair of wedges (they run long) or a pair of flip flops. Perfect for post beach. Quick to dry. Light weight and easy to roll up and put in a beach bag.
  • I got mine at Nordstrom for $92 – Click Here to check em out for yourself. There are a few different color options.



Last but not least… Comfy Cover Up

Bobeau one button asymmetrical cardigan

Bobeau one button asymmetrical cardigan

  • Once the sun goes down I’m typically a bit chilly, even in the heat of summer. So I always need to have a good cover up on hand. I don’t want to pull a hoodie over my head or deal with a zipper (sometimes I accidentally zip up my hair and that’s not comfy). I love this ‘one button asymmetrical’ cardigan by Bobeau. It is super soft with a flattering cut. The arms are snug while the body is a bit more flowy. You can button it to cover up a bit more, or let it stay open for a breezier style. And another highlight; I was told by a nursing mother that it’s a great (i.e. convenient) top for nursing! It has good coverage while also being stylish. Bonus!
  • I got mine at Nordstrom (surprise!) for $58 – Click Here to check it out for yourself. It comes in a few different colors.


Those are my must have summer wearables to stay cool and sexy all summer long.

You’re welcome.

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