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November is in full swing and that means the unofficial start to the Holiday season. Yeah kids! We love this time of year, BUT we all know the importance of staying on your fitness track! No matter how much you want to indulge, remember all that hard work you put into your fitness all year long, and stay with it! Stay on track.

It’s super easy to lose focus, so I have some awesome tips for you to keep your fitness going. I use these tips around the holidays, or around anytime I’m super busy, to keep my fitness my number one priority. First, write down your fitness goals for the next two months. It doesn’t matter how many things are on your list, just write them down. Decide what you would like to accomplish and use the holidays as a measure of time.




A good goal that I’ve used, and am going to use again this holiday season, is deciding how often and how many miles to run. This goal will be based on your prior running, so be sure to make it attainable. I’ve tested myself in the past to see how many miles I can run in one week, and normally it’s anywhere from 25 – 30 miles. Can I make it 30 – 35 miles a week over the next two months? Heck yeah I can! Setting this as a goal is a great motivator. If you love yoga instead, set a yoga goal. Try the 30 days of yoga challenge and do yoga every day for thirty days straight. Whatever goals you set, let them motivate you to stay on track with your fitness.

Another great fitness tip that totally pushes you past a plateau is amping up your workouts. Combine that with eating even more properly, say right around said holidays, and be prepared to wow your friends and family. For example, Thanksgiving is known to be one of those glutinous holidays. The average adult consumes 3,000 calories in ONE Thanksgiving meal. Hot damn! That’s more calories than most people eat in one day. The week leading up to that meal limit your carbs and sugar intake, as well as workout longer and harder. Burn some extra calories in advance. That way it’ll feel even better when you splurge on all that delicious food!
My final tip is one I repeat a ton. Switch up your workouts! Make sure that you’re doing a variety of workouts during the next few months and keep your body on its toes. Sometimes we get too rigid with out workouts and do the “easy” exercises that we know and love. Not this time kids! Branch out. You’ll burn more calories doing something new. I’m currently adding in different types of circuit and strength training to my weekly workouts and plan on adding in even more in November and December. Let’s do this!




Whatever you do for exercise this holiday season, don’t fall into the trap that so many people fall into this time of year. Let go of getting lazy and continue on your fitness success track! Don’t be one of those people who stops working out around the holidays because you let yourself get overwhelmed. Instead, stay strong and keep scheduling your workouts and keeping up with your amazing progress! Give yourself the energy you deserve. You’ll experience the Holidays in a freeing and fun way!

No guilt kids! WOO!



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