“They said what?” – Sports quote game Football edition


Seesaw Sports, where Dan Salem and Todd Salem throw down on the NFL, MLB, NBA and more. Two brothers from New York yell, scream and debate sports.

Sports quotes hit September as an ode to football. The NFL is underway and so is round six of They said what?

Todd is dominating through five rounds. Will Dan ever win another point?


The rules at Seesaw Sports are as follows: Player one presents player two with a sports quote.

– The quote can be about sports
– Can be said by a famous sportsman
Can be both about sports and said by a famous sportsman, but NEVER neither one

The quote is given, along with three hints as to who said it. These hints can be anything from when the quote was uttered to facts about the speaker.

Player two then responds with their guess as to who said it and a brief explanation surrounding their conclusion. A correct guess is worth one point for player two. An incorrect guess is worth one point for player one.

The score after 5 rounds: Todd – 7 points and Dan – 3 points

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[Round 4.1]  [Round 4.2]
[Round 5.1]  [Round 5.2]



This round is mine. Mark my words, or quoted syllables.

I’m pulling no punches.

“There’s two times of year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.”


Hint one: This person is a huge Miami Dolphins fan.

Dolphins defeat Patriots


Hint two: The person’s career began in the late 80’s.



Hint three: They have not played professional football.




This is similar to my Rogers Hornsby quote I threw at you a couple of rounds back, although referring to football obviously. Unfortunately, that comparison does little to aid me in round six.

I know last round I said I had no clue and was taking a shot in the dark. But in reality, I had some inklings to base my guess on. Here? I literally cannot think of a single celebrity who is a Miami Dolphins fan. This is a bit of a hindrance for me to overcome.

Jim Carrey played a Miami Dolphins fan in his Ace Ventura movies I believe, but that means nothing. I wonder if you “pulling no punches” was a sneaky fourth hint for me…nah.

I’ll just guess Jim Carrey anyway. He may have requested Ventura be involved with Dan Marino and a dolphin because he’s a huge fan. It’s possible. Also, the time frame is probably close. That’s all I got.



Finally I win another point!

I like your manor of thinking, but still wrong. If I told you he was a close friend of Tiger Woods would that help? Or that Mike and Mike play golf with him and his band once a year? How about him being a Grammy winner?

Yeah those may or may not help at all. Darius Rucker, lead singer and guitarist for Hootie & the Blowfish, is the avid Dolphins and Gamecock’s fan who uttered that amazing football quote.

Darius Rucker


Score after 5.5 rounds:
Todd – 7 points
Dan – 4 points


[Part two Yankees salute]


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