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I’ve played a ton of role playing games and Sorcery! 4 is easily the best RPG on mobile. A great story is paramount, but this game mixes your decisions with intense battles and a never ending spellbook to perfection. Take your time, otherwise you’ll die.

Falling into the world of Sorcery! is like peeling an onion, if the onion smelled and tasted like chocolate cake. Every person you meet is valuable and every choice you make literally shapes your life. Buy it and play, because the internet is not required. Win win!

I re-played the third game before diving into this final installment, to set the stage and ensure I imported as many magical items as possible. You can load from where you left off and its awesome!

Let me know what game I should play next. I’ll review it, make fun of it, or praise it. Depends on whether it’s any good.


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