Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep 8 Reaction | Checkmate Wilford

Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep 8 reaction is here and OMG it’s all about checkmate Wilford. The train spoke and they want Wilford as their leader. This is just completely crazy to me because Wilford just wants to be in power and now he is.


Snowpiercer season 2 ep 8, The Eternal Engine, reaction is all about checkmate Wilford! That’s right Wilford won the battle, but I don’t think he’s won the war yet. Last week, I talked about whether Wilford was the savior and that there were so many people who want Wilford back in power. Make sure you watch our full reaction video!


Okay, Wilford is not the savior and it’s ridiculous that he’s won the battle. The train wants him to be their leader. Wilford completely manipulated them. He willingly damaged the engine! That is right, Wilford damaged the engine so he could come on the train and save it. Everyone of course fell for it, but not Layton.

This whole battle seemed so easy for Wilford and I don’t think his reign will stick. Those who run the train like Ruth and Same our brakeman know that the way the train ran for the 7 years before was horrible. Wilford built arm slots to freeze off people’s arms who disobeyed him. That is not a savior, that is not a good leader. He instilled fear on the train and there was a reason they all rose up last season.

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It’s like most of the people on Snowpiercer forgot that the 7 years before was horrible. The class system was the worst and people lived their life in fear. I do think though with Layton going on Big Alice as a criminal now that something big is going to happen. We see Wilford threaten Sam by freezing his family! Wilford will be stopped. My earlier prediction of by the end of this season might be hasty.

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I’m a bit shocked that Miss Audrey is still on Wilford’s side. A part of me thinks she’s biding her time to see how and when they can rise up against him. With Layton on Big Alice, Josie there, as well as Alex, I definitely think these are our key players to topple Wilford.

We have to wait an extra week before the two hour season finale! Hopefully Melanie ends up back on the train and there is a hint of how they will topple Wilford. Watch our full reaction video and let me know how you think this season will end!


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