Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep 5 Reaction | Spy Games

Snowpiercer Season 2 ep 5 reaction video dives down the rabbit hole of all the spy games. This episode explored both Big Alice’s spies as well as the Snowpiercer spies. A much slower episode that planted seeds for the rest of the season.


Snowpiercer Season 2 ep 5, Keep Hope Alive, reaction video is here! It’s all about the spy games and this episode slowly lays its seeds. I really enjoyed this episode even though I’ve seen some negative reviews. Make sure you watch our full reaction video.


By the end of this episode, the big question is did Mr. Wilford just win? The answer is no! Audrey is a spy for Snowpiercer, she made a split decision to stay on Big Alice because she did not complete her mission. She is the ultimate spy because Wilford is blinded by her. You best believe she will complete her mission and betray Wilford.

Layton still needs to hold down the Snowpiercer fort. Since he was pushed into power everyone has questioned his competence. He’s looked at by everyone as not having the stomach for it and not being that good at it. I definitely think this is a misdirection. He’s got his plan for Wilford and even if it looks like Wilford one upped him, he definitely has not bested him.

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Between Josie and Audrey, Snowpiercer now has two powerful ladies on Big Alice. Now of course Wilford could “turn them,” but I don’t think he will. This is the end of the world, a handsome manipulator can’t just bat his eyes at these ladies and take them away from their home of 7 years. Josie bonds with Icy Bob, which is a huge asset. She also lets Layton know that Wilford is planning on doing something with the Breachman.

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At first glance episode 5 looks like Layton has lost, but you know he hasn’t. Melanie will contact them alas reassuring the “hope.” My bet is on Pastor Logan not being as good as we think. I’ve pegged him as Wilford’s ultimate spy on Snowpiercer.

Even though this episode is a bit slow, it’s definitely setting the charges for more explosions to come this season! Don’t count Layton out and Snowpiercer out. My prediction is still death for Mr. Wilford. Make sure you check out the full video and let me know your predictions for the rest of season 2.


Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep 5

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