Snowpiercer Episode 6 Reaction | Beyond Good and Evil

Snowpiercer Episode 6 titled Trouble Comes Sideways dives into the world of beyond good and evil. This whole series Melanie is pinned as the evil train leader, but that really is not true. Our Snowpiercer episode 6 reaction video sheds some light on what’s truly driving Melanie.


‘Trouble Comes Sideways,’ the title for Snowpiercer episode 6 is spot on. This is my favorite episode so far because we truly learn more about Melanie’s intention. That is why this episode is really about beyond good and evil. Check out our full Snowpiercer episode 6 reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

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Melanie’s reason behind her actions become clear this episode. The first 5 episodes it appears she’s taken control of the train, hiding the fact that Mr. Wilford is dead, and locking people in drawers with no real way of reviving them safely. That being said, it does appear that they are using the people they locked in the drawers as an experiment to get it right.

The above makes Melanie look extremely evil, but she built the train. She saved a portion of the human race as well as animal and plant species. All she wants to do is keep the train going as long as she can until they figure out the drawers and can freeze 400 people. The people they are targeting are not undesirables, but the people they want to live on.

Of course no one knows any of this. This makes for good TV and paints Melanie as our villain especially in Layton and the tails eyes, but really she’s created order for the train to ensure that people survive and humans can go on because the “eternal engine” of the train is not eternal and will not last forever.

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Obviously more of this will come out, but right now she has a 3rd class revolt about to happen, a part of the engine getting destroyed, and Layton out for revenge. While this episode, she’s able to defuse it all, I’m sure all three of these issues will rear their ugly head next episode.

Snowpiercer slowly drops more layers to the show making it an enjoyable summer series. More issues will definitely blow up next episode! Make sure you watch our full Snowpiercer episode 6 reaction video and share with us your thoughts!


Snowpiercer Episode 6

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