Snowpiercer Episode 5 Reaction | Justice Served

Snowpiercer episode 5 is all about justice served. Justice and order are all out of control on the train. The big reveals of episode 5 is that multiple characters take justice into their own hands! We break it down in our Snowpiercer episode 5 reaction video.


Snowpiercer episode 5, titled Eye for an Eye, is all about justice served. Everyone looks for their own form of justice this episode. From the literal trial that’s going on to the Janitors, Josie and the tailies, as well as Layton’s own dreams and or memories. Make sure you check out our Snowpiercer episode 5 reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

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The trial is the first justice served, but so many people have their own justice they want. Melanie wants to restore order to the train. The Folgers want their daughter home. Third class wants to feel included. The tailies wants Layton back.

It was obvious that LJ would get off exactly like she did. Of course her and Eric were not just getting off by torturing, castrating, and killing men. They were soaking up all of his information. LJ called out Sean Wise as an informant for Mr. Wilford and it was evident that she definitely knows a lot of Melanie’s secret. She knows about the drawers and she might know about Mr. Wilford.

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Josie, from the tail, is on a mission to find Layton. She really has no plan at all because when the janitors take her to the drawers she doesn’t even know how to wake him up. Not to mention she has no plan of where to even take him. There are 1001 train cars so hopefully with Zara helps they can hide Layton and get him better.

Everything on Snowpiercer is about to implode. Another revolution is coming and the tailies as well as third class are banding together. Melanie’s world is about to crumble as more and more people know the secret of Mr. Wilford.

I’m enjoying this show. Some layers begin to form like how the drawers are experimental and they are using some of the kids from the tail to figure out how to get it to work. Share with me your thoughts this show and watch our full Snowpiercer episode 5 reaction video.


Snowpiercer Episode 5

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