Six Pack Ab Challenge is Fantastic!

Another 30 day challenge is in the books kids, and this one was intense! The Six Pack Ab challenge was an awesome and difficult ride that definitely nailed my abdominals. I can’t stress how much I love these 30 day fitness challenges. They keep you on your toes, constantly switching up your fitness routine every month!

The Six Pack Ab challenge switches it up every day, which I love. Its four exercises in total, two per day at three sets each: plank and mountain climbers, then knee crunches and leg lifts. The first day starts off nice and easy with 20 second plank and 8 climbers (3 sets each). Day two is just as easy, tackling our second set of exercises with 8 knee crunches and 10 leg raises (3 sets each). All great challenges begin this way, nice and easy so you get a feel for the workout. It’s my favorite part of the challenge, because you build a ton of confidence. It eases you in, then slams on the gas and BAM, smacks you in the face.


How does the Six Pack Ab challenge smack you in the face, per se? It’s those three sets kids! Talk about an all-out burn. I love the repetition of multiple sets, while still maintaining variety. It’s hard to find 30 day challenges with intense repetition that aren’t all the same exercise. The multiple sets of this one truly works your core! I love plank, but let’s face it, I don’t want to hold it more than once. This challenge makes you hold it three times! It’s mentally tough to keep repeating, and on the last day you hold plank three times for two minutes each. It was a killer!

Besides the physical difficulty, this challenge also turned me on to a new exercise, knee crunches. What are those you ask? They are like a crunch, but you bring your knees and elbows together. Seems easy enough, right? These babies get difficult real quick. By the end you’ll take on three sets of 30 knee crunches, and trust me when I say your abs will be burning afterwards!


Another staple of solid fitness challenges are well timed rest days, and in this one you rest every fourth day. You’ll be looking forward to those days off by the end of the first week. They become a necessity. Every time I take on a challenge where I’m looking forward to the rest day, I know it’s a great challenge! After each rest I was so excited to get back to work and back to the challenge. I felt stronger and more focused than ever.

Now that this challenge is over, I definitely miss it! It’s one of those challenges where you can feel all the work you’re putting into it, and that is the most rewarding part of completing a fitness challenge! Don’t get me wrong, all the challenges I’ve done have been rewarding, but this one stands out. After each day I felt stronger, and after each day a new part of my abs were sore. I loved every minute of it kids!

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Start a fitness challenge today! I can’t stress enough how great these 30 day challenges will make you feel. I always look forward to accomplishing a new one, and experiencing its rewards. They keep me focused on new fitness goals and finding fun new exercises. But most importantly, they work your body in new ways each and every month.

If you’re new to 30 day challenges, the Six Pack Ab challenge is FANTASTIC! You might curse my name on certain days, but stay the course. Once you finish you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment and be calling me to say thank you. This was one of my favorite challenges so far!



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