Running on Vacation!

It’s summertime here on the west coast and pretty much everywhere else too! We know you’ve worked hard all year to get to your desired fitness level. So don’t stop! If you’re a runner like me then you’re in luck, because you can basically run ANYWHERE, even while on vacation! Fitness is an anywhere, everywhere activity, weather permitting, and I was super lucky to be able to run while visiting family this past weekend in Boston. Not only did I run on vacation, I enjoyed it even more in a new place!

When it comes to running and your fitness, the more you run the farther and faster you can run! I found with myself that when I go on vacation and don’t run at all, even if it’s only for a few days, that getting back into running afterwards can be tough. Stopping an activity is the enemy of progress and my body lets me know it loud and clear. I feel stronger for resting, but anything longer than a day or two and my stamina disappears. So over the past few years I’ve figured out ways to run on my vacations and love it.

While in Boston this past weekend I had time to run Saturday morning and boy was I excited. New terrain! I got up and out and my man and I quickly got our legs moving. Running a different terrain was invigorating. The route I ran outside of Boston wasn’t super hilly, a nice change of pace from my usual Los Angeles route with tons of hills. When I run in Connecticut it’s all hills as well, rolling hills that are way challenging. But Saturday morning’s run in Boston was different; it was a freeing experience. Liberating! I didn’t remember or even realize it was a solid 5.5 miles and my man and I crushed our pace on this new vacation course. Woo!

A vacation run should be different and mine totally freed me up this past weekend! I figured I could give myself a rest, no hills, while still working hard. That way I felt way better about indulging at the wedding I was in town for, since I’d already burned some serious calories. When we finished our run and I saw our pace and how many miles we’d gone I was ecstatic! A fast, long vacation run; what else could be better? Nothing! Not only did it give me energy for a long day and night full of wedding festivities, but it kept me feeling normal. I personally don’t feel as good when I don’t run. Fitness is a party of my day to day, just like you I hope. So even when I’m on vacation, I inevitably crave a run and I’ve learned now to give in!

While packing for this summer’s vacation, leave room for your sneaks. It’s so easy, if you’re visiting family or friends, to bring your running shoes and go for an unexpected fun run! You don’t have to run for speed, you don’t even have to run for distance, but I bet you’ll experience a run like I had. One that is farther and faster than you ever thought. Not to mention, if you travel through time zones like I did, I find it to be the best way to beat jet lag. If you can’t run outside while you’re on vacation, make sure you find a hotel that has a gym. I don’t ever book a vacation without a hotel gym. This way I can get up and run on that treadmill every day! Just like running outside, I feel invigorated having gotten a solid workout in.

Running on vacation keeps your body on track and keeps you feeling great! Gone is the mindset of working out for your vacation. Bring your fitness with you and stop worrying about putting on any sort of weight and missing a workout. You get precious time for yourself, which is why I love to run so much in the first place! And let’s not forget, you’ll feel way better about splurging on delish desserts and drinks. Keep up with your vacation runs! Free yourself and your body to the power of a run! Happy National Running Day!

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1 Comment

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