Running with a Cold Makes You Feel Better: My Running Diary

I am a firm believer that you can run through most things baring injury. I truly pushed myself to become a daily runner by running through all my own issues! I’m also a firm believer that running with a cold can make you feel better!


Diary of a Running Chick: January 9th, 2017

It happened to me last week. I hadn’t had a cold in a long time and sure enough to start the new year I got all congested! But I knew that I was okay to keep running. I’m always very aware of how I feel when I’m on a run. Now that I’m almost seven months pregnant, I’m definitely being even more aware. I hadn’t gotten sick at all during this pregnancy, so I knew that I should be careful about running with a cold.

The first couple days of my cold was all congestion. I honestly felt so much better after I got outside to run and was able to sweat that cold out! I always feel like running helps my congestion by breathing in the fresh air. I also make sure to reevaluate how I feel after the run. I know it was a wise move if I feel good afterwards, and for the first few days of my cold I definitely felt really great after! This is key to running with a cold. You need to check in with how you’re feeling.

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My experience this past week ultimately led me to a day where I knew I shouldn’t go run. It happened kids. I needed a day to recuperate. I got the full-fledged cold and I needed to sleep later. I needed to lie in bed. I also did not need to exert myself and go for a run. This is a major point in any cold and one I make sure to recognize. Sometimes it never comes, but often a single recuperation day is necessary.

I have to remind myself that it’s okay to take a day off to get better. It’s okay to rest. I need to remind myself of this even more now that I’m pregnant, because I’ve got another life in me and she’s taking a lot of my energy. Therefore, having a cold is going to be harder to shake. Taking that day for myself though made me feel so much better! It was exactly what I needed!


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After taking that day off, it felt so great getting myself back to running. My cold had subsided and it felt nice to get a good run in! I wasn’t 100% and I adjusted my run accordingly, but it made me feel better. I’m a firm believer that running with a cold helps your body normalize itself. I’m constantly reminding my body that it’s not sick anymore. That really works for me!

Running with a cold can definitely help you get better and feel like yourself! I’ve done it time and time again. I’m always conscious of how bad my cold actually is and remember that taking a day for yourself can just be part of your process of handling your cold. I always feel better after I run and I truly believe it has kicked a lot of colds out of my body before they have time to take root!



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