Running Diary: My March 2018 Fitness Review!

This is my Running Diary and it’s time for our March 2018 fitness review! That’s right, we all need to honor victories, so join me as I look back on all the successes from the month of March.


My Running Diary: April 2nd, 2018

I love looking back on the previous month through my running diary. It’s a great way to appreciate ourselves for what we accomplished! My March 2018 fitness review focuses on weathering life’s storms and still running. Prior to the beginning of March I knew I’d be busy. My baby turned one year old and we had a bunch of visitors during the month. When people come to visit it always throws off my regular routine, and it seems to even more now that we have Maddi.

Last month I also battled my first cold of the year and it happened right when we had visitors. Not only did I get sick, but Maddi did too! I successfully recouped without losing much of my running steam. That is always a win for me because I really don’t stop running until I’m sick in bed. I know that’s not the best way to be, but I always love to still get out there to run.

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Once I felt better, I made sure that I took all of my opportunities to run. I had more visitors come, left Los Angeles for a few days, and I still managed to run. That always makes me feel great and it’s such a great milestone! I know some people like to take their vacations as a break from working out, but that’s not fun for me. It’s extremely fun to workout on vacation. I love when I can go out and run to explore a new area, or I’m happy to embrace the gym too.

Looking back on March 2018, I successfully embraced a variety of runs. That was a big hurdle for me and I embraced it. For a long time I consistently ran the same run every day, so variety is huge for me. If I couldn’t run that run, I didn’t run. Looking back on this action, I realize it was so silly because now I love to simply go out and run no matter the details. It doesn’t matter how long it is. What matters is that I get out there to run! This has totally freed me up to enjoy my runs more and run more often.


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I actually had a few days this past month where I ran by myself! It’s few and far between when I run without my baby and without Dan. It’s funny, because I used to always run by myself and I definitely took that solitude for granted. The times I ran by myself in March, I really pushed myself. I found the right pace for me and it felt effortless. It showed me that a lot of times I get into a slow pace because it’s easy! Every time I go back to pushing Maddi while I run, I feel so much stronger and the run is much easier!

It’s so important to reflect back on your running. This is my favorite part of my running diary every month. With our March 2018 fitness review, I focused on all of my successes, especially after the crazy month that I had! April here I come and let’s bring on more running success.


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