Rich Picks the SNL Sketch of the Week: Christoph Waltz

Not everyone wants to spend 90 minutes watching Saturday Night Live.  Each week, I’m posting my favorite sketch of each episode, so you can jump right to the best of SNL

This week’s show:  Christoph Waltz

The Sketch of the week: TIE – Djesus Uncrossed and Olya Povlatsky

Why: Continuing in this season’t tradition of strong pre-taped segments, this week we get Christoph Waltz as Djesus Christ, if the son of God were depicted in a bloody QuentinTarantino film. Waltz goes ‘all in’ on this performance, as does the writing and directing.  A lot of bloody fun.

But since you’ve probably seen this video all over the web already, i wanted to give props to another piece of business that I fell in love with.  During Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon plays Olya Povlatsky, a woman from a remote Russian village who witnessed the Meteor.  McKinnon does a great job in this segment.  The piece takes a little to get going, but stick with it.  You’ll thank me later. Who let the dogs out? Who, Seth, who, who???

Check out both clips below:

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