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Redneck Roadshow, the auction parody you’ve been waiting for, is back selling a critter trap stolen from Old Lady Sampson’s garage! It’ll kill rodents and even small “pets,” so get your credit cards ready. Billy Bob and Cassandra give you a demonstration, then auction it to the highest bidder!


This here critter trap is genuine American made steel and your redneck hosts are starting the bidding at $29.99, so get ready! Redneck Roadshow has another hilarious auction parody, featuring another completely misunderstood household item your hosts stole from their dead neighbor’s garage. Who wants it? The 900 number is currently taking calls!

Poor old lady Sampson died, but this was great news for Cassandra and Billy Bob. They raided her unattended garage and came away with some amazing stuff… which they’re now selling to you! Nothing beats an auction, except a comedy auction parody hosted by two inept rednecks. Just don’t tell them that it’s really an apple corer, because that ruins all of the fun.

Its Redneck Roadshow folks, with Billy Bob and Cassandra! Two rednecks find stuff on the road, or at the chicken shack, then sell it auction style! This here’s a roadshow. Get your dialing finger ready, because once they explain it, the bidding will begin.

Billy Bob and Cassandra need money, lots of money, so call in and bid on their hilarious auctions. Everyone needs cool stuff and this critter trap is sure to shed blood. Like a lot of blood!

Your favorite rednecks finally have their own show, as Redneck Roadshow takes you on an adventure you never knew existed! Lot’s of stuff has tons of uses. What will they find next in this auction parody?

Redneck Roadshow is all about the weird and wild, so screw it! Laugh and enjoy as they go a little bit crazy. Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

When Rednecks get Awkward – You’ll Want THIS

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