Ranking Every Scream Movie from Worst To Best

We’re ranking every Scream movie from worst to best! I think the Scream movie franchise is great. They are a great example of how to stay true to the originals as well as stay fresh and fun. This is how I rank the whole 6 film series!  

We’re ranking every Scream movie from worst to best! The Scream movie franchise is great! I absolutely love them and from the moment I saw the original Scream I was enthralled. It is such an iconic film and it revolutionized horror movies. There are 6 Scream movies with a 7 one in devolopment and this is how I ran all six.  

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 I’m confident in my decision to rank Scream 3 as my least favorite. I’ve re-watched it a ton and I want something more from it and I want a second killer. The decision to only have one fails in my view. I like the reason for him taking up Ghostface, but a partner would have added even more of a twist.

Scream 4 used to not be my favorite, but I’ve re-watched it over the years and every time I like it more and more, but it still didn’t make it that high on my list because I think the other films are better Scream movies!

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Of course Scream is my favorite! The original is so amazing. Share with me your thoughts? Make sure you check out my review.



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