Pretty Little Liars: No Stone Unturned is Mona + Charles!


It’s Fangirl Friday kids and Pretty Little Liars No Stone Unturned is Mona & Charles working together?

Damn kids! Well Mona tells us all that Charles is not really dead and that the organ donor file is a forgery. Okay. I’m still amazed that our little liars aren’t creeped out that Mona is ALWAYS popping up! Mona also tells the liars that Charles escaped with Bethany that night Ali went missing. How does Mona know all this stuff?

I’m still not convinced that Mona isn’t A. I think that Mona and Charles are working together! The one thing we know for sure is that A chipped the girls and put the receiver in Leslie Stone’s lab! Mona tries to distance herself from Leslie by calling her crazy but let’s face it we can’t trust her!

I’m so ready to meet Charles and really know who A is!

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Happy Fangirl Friday! When will we see Charles’s face?

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