Pretty Little Liars: Debunking the Two ‘A’ Theory!

Pretty Little Liars wants us to think there could be two ‘A’s’ but we’re debunking the two ‘A’ theory!

This just seems too crazy. Two ‘A’s’! No, I call BULL on this. This is super lame. An ‘A’ that killed CeCe and an ‘A’ that wants to figure out who killed CeCe and thinks the girls had something to do with it; even in the crazy world of Rosewood this is just too much!

The theory is completely outrageous because they’re posing Mellissa as the killer of CeCe. Let’s not forget, Mellissa told Spencer she’s been “protecting her” since before this whole thing even started. Our second ‘A’ couldn’t be Mellissa, but I could totally see Mellissa having killed CeCe in light of the flashback and her breakup with Wren!

We say NO to the two ‘A’ theory! It’s crazy and we know there is just one ‘A’ tormenting the girls. Could it be Mona all over again?

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Happy Fangirl Friday! Can’t wait for more Pretty Little Liars!

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