Pregnant Pee Disease: Pregnant Problems Ep2 | Pillow Talk TV

Pregnant Problems are real and Pregnant Pee Disease is out of control. In episode two Jeff and Meghan cope with one bathroom and two full bladders. It’s a problem!

Pregnant Pee Disease is an epidemic affecting millions of men who have pregnant wives or girlfriends. Everyone knows that mothers to be go pee all the time, but fathers? Yes sir. They can’t help themselves and its kinda weird.

Jeff has to be A LOT and it’s totally legit. It’s a disease and Meghan is not pleased. No one has to be pee that much… right? Only pregnant ladies do… right? Pregnant Problems!

Pregnant Problems follows one couple and their unborn baby through all the crap that normal people never consider. Ugh!

Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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