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Pregnancy Vlog Week 28! Where is the time going? It’s all about Treat Yo Self!

Now is the perfect time to make sure you that you are taking care of you! I know there are times that it can be overwhelming being pregnant. The changes to your body are weird! I definitely cannot get used to seeing myself with a belly. The extra weight is definitely taking a toll of my lower back. Last week I decided I needed to treat myself! So I did a little Treat Yo Self Day!

I got a massage gift certificate for Christmas. It was definitely one of the best gifts I got! It was perfect! I made an appointment at the spa and it was wonderful! It was pure treat yo self! The massage was great. I only wish I could have used the saunas and hot tubs, but I could not.

Being pregnant is weird! That’s the only way I can describe. It’s different than anything I have ever experienced! It’s a must to treat yo self and take care of yourself especially since you’re going to be caring for another life!

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