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It’s another Pregnancy Vlog and we’re on week 27! Its going by fast and this is a tribute to my amazing partner. Thank you!

I’ve seen a lot about women having partners who haven’t really been connected to their pregnancy, but what about those amazing partners who are super in tune and already love that little baby so much? At week 27 I’m completely embracing my amazing partner.

My man has been so great through this whole pregnancy. He’s always taking care of me. He’s always extremely snuggly and makes me feel so great about myself. He also is so excited to feel our baby move and loves putting his hand on my belly! I love that!

I was sick last week and he took care of me, even though he too wasn’t feeling well! He’s totally put my own needs ahead of his and he didn’t even have to think about it. That’s just one of the many reasons why he is so amazing!

It’s wonderful to celebrate your amazing partner and make sure they know that you appreciate how supportive they are of you! It’s easy to get in your own world with this pregnancy, but remember you have someone that loves that baby just as much as you do!

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