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Our Pregnancy Vlog Week 26! All about baby clothes essentials!

We’re chugging along on this pregnancy and I cannot believe that we’re on Week 26! I’ve held myself back from buying any baby clothes up until now. I didn’t want to go overboard. Someone gave me advice that you should wait and see what you get at your shower! I’ve been keeping that advice with me and have totally refrained!

I know it’s going to be harder to do that the closer it gets to Maddi’s arrival! But that’s how I’m restraining myself. I’m going to see what I need to fill in for her. I also know it’s not good to go overboard with newborn clothing because babies grow fast and you’ll find yourself with all newborn clothes and your baby growing out of all her clothes.

For me baby clothes essentials is definitely a variety of onesies as well as leggings! I want Maddi to be comfortable but still look great! My big mission is finding her a great outfit to come home in but that will be another video blog!

Comment on my video and let me know what your baby clothes essentials are!


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