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Our Pregnancy Update Week 23 is here! It’s okay if you’re not a pregnancy person. This is something I constantly reminded myself my first pregnancy and am doing so now. Join our Mommy and Me video series every week!


It’s pregnancy update week 23 and this is all about it’s okay if you’re not a pregnancy person. Over the years, I’ve met a lot of women who tell me they loved being pregnant. I totally respect if someone feels that way, but I do not understand it. Make sure you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

Let me first say that I love the outcome of being pregnant. Holding your baby after nine months is amazing and after my first pregnancy I knew I’d go through it again to have another baby. That being said I’m not a pregnancy person. I don’t like changes in my body and I’m not a fan of any weight gain.

While so far I’ve had two easy pregnancy that doesn’t mean my body isn’t sore and a bit uncomfortable. I definitely don’t sleep as well and I like to keep myself as active as possible, which definitely adds to my aching growing body.

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Just because you’re not a pregnancy person doesn’t mean that you won’t be a great mama or that there is anything wrong with you. Pregnancy is such an awkward period in a woman’s life. People feel the need to touch your belly, give you unsolicited advice, and pry into your personal life.


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For me, I smile and nod throughout everything. Since this is my second time around I’ve encountered less people that want to give me advice. Maybe that is because I’ve already done this once or maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. I look at this whole experience as just a short period of time in my life. Since I plan on this being my last pregnancy, I’m just completely going with it.

Pregnancy is just part of life and even if you’re not a pregnancy person you don’t have to feel guilty or be miserable. Follow my lead and just completely go with it and it will be over before you know! Share with me your own experiences from your pregnancies!

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