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Our Pregnancy Update is for week 20! I’m five months pregnant now. This is a super exciting milestone and we just had our anatomy scan. Join our Mommy and Me video series during our whole second pregnancy.


I’m five months pregnant now which means our Pregnancy update is for week 20. This is a great milestone because I’m halfway through this pregnancy. I’m breaking down the anatomy scan and it’s major milestone! Make sure you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

The anatomy scan is when traditionally you find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, but we did genetic testing so we found out after our 13 week scan. Basically the anatomy scan is just an extremely in depth ultra sound. It’s where they make sure everything is going as planned with your baby.

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Hitting week 20 is great because you truly get to see a lot of your baby during the anatomy scan. While it’s cool, it’s definitely a plus if you’re prepared for it. They tell you it takes a long time and now having done this twice they definitely take their time and if they say to give them two hours you will definitely be there two hours.


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Being there for so long can be a bit daunting as well as tiring, but it’s definitely worth it. Your technician will show you a bunch of your baby, but he or she has a list of what they are looking for and they technically won’t tell you all the details. We got some really cool 3D pictures of our baby.

The biggest advice I can give anyone who’s about to go through is to just go with it. The anatomy scan is an awesome milestone because if everything goes well then that’s it, you don’t have to go through this long scan process again. You also get to such a great look at your baby and to see how developed your babe is already at 5 months.


This pregnancy update marks us entering our fifth month! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and check out the full video for my complete breakdown of the anatomy scan.


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