Popcorn done Right!

It’s no secret that I love to snack.  Sure, I’ve curbed myself, learned to control myself and found great healthy varieties, but I’m still snacking!  The snack has a bad rap. When having smaller, healthy meals, you need a good healthy snack once in awhile. And my favorite healthy and filling snack is popcorn. I’m a huge fan, and not just because you can fill up a big bowl and munch away. Popcorn is delicious! Up until a few weeks ago I’d eat it in the microwave bag form. Then I got a popcorn maker. Bye bye bags!

The dangers of microwave popcorn have been floating around for years, so I was thrilled to ditch the bag.  Remember “Pop Qwiz” colored popcorn of the 90s; that stuff was supposedly radioactive.  But regular old microwave popcorn isn’t exactly safe either.  The fumes from it are potentially dangerous, with studies on going. They cause “popcorn lung.” Yeah, I laughed too, but I’d rather steer clear if possible. Popcorn maker and fresh kernels, welcome to my home!

There are “safe” microwave popcorns out there, but it’s much more fun to get hands on with a popcorn maker! Or go old school and make popcorn on the stove.  But definitely buy the kernels and create your own popcorn delight.  Hot damn! I’ve had fantasies of owning one of those large, circus style popcorn makers so I could always go grab a handful. Dreams do come true. I got a smaller size and have been breaking my bad boy in!

Here’s what’s great about homemade popcorn.  Time wise, it only takes four minutes. Four minutes! That’s it; plus you can watch it pop and experience all the smells and goodness of the controlled kernel explosions. Then… flavor it however you want. Bonus! And here’s a big secret; you DON’T need butter. OMG, no butter?  Yep! Ditch the calories and go for some real flavor. I use a little of “I can’t Believe its Not Butter” spray, sprinkle on a little garlic salt and Trader Joe’s South African smoked spice. It’s delish!  And nearly all the popcorn gets popped or at least partially popped. Bigger snack! Partially popped kernels are super yummy. I make a big batch of popcorn, season it, put it in a Tupperware container, and toss it in the pantry to snack on whenever I like!

Once you make homemade popcorn, you won’t ever go back. Trust me! It’s light, fluffy, and delish. You can taste the freshness and you don’t even need a popcorn maker.  A pot on the stovetop works exactly the same way and it’s so quick! Remember; be conscious of what you’re eating.  Why risk it with microwave popcorn when you can a make better tasting version that you know is safe and healthy? Go out there and pop, start enjoying homemade popcorn!

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