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Poker Face Episode 10 is a smoking gun. That’s right, it’s back on the run for Charlie. The episode departs from its original format to have a very great season 1 finale.


Power Face Episode 10 is a smoking gun! Majority of season 1 of this show is really smart, fun, and interesting. There are definitely some stand out episodes. I really like this episode and the way they ended the season.


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We waited all season for Ron Pearlman, as Sterling Frost Sr., and he did not disappoint. Charlie needs to smarten up before next season because even though she spent a year on the run, outsmarting people, she easily gets outsmarted this episode. There have been a few times when this happened. Cliff outsmarts her.

Of course Charlie figures Cliff is the one who helped kill Mr. Sterling and now Charlie has a new person she’s running from for season 2. This show is really smart in it’s delivery. I’m 50/50 on whether I’ll follow it like this for season 2, but I’ll definitely tune in to see how she evades and of course inevitable gets captured by her new pursuers.

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Poker Face Episode 10 ends this season with a smoking gun. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 10 reaction.


Poker Face Episode 10


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