5 Reasons Playing Golf is an Important Part of Life

Playing golf is not just fun and games. It is a critically important part of life for five very specific reasons. Now start whacking at the tiny ball!


If you find that driving a small dimpled ball into a wee hole in the ground while avoiding birds, ponds, hillocks, and bats is a bit crazy, you aren’t wrong. But playing golf is crazy fun, because you’re also trying get that ball in its hole before other players, while looking quite spiffy in the process. The illustrious ‘n’ posh game o’ golf isn’t just a sport, but a truly important part of life. It should be your sport too.

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Other than its athletic appeal, the game of golf is also beloved for its curious ability to attract a sophisticated and fun-loving lot. So if you decide to embark on a club-swingin’, ball-hittin’ journey into the world of golf, you can rest assured there’ll be some friendly folks to accompany you along the way. What’s attracted so many to the ancient art of playing golf? Here are five reasons golf is an important part of life.


1) A Vibrant Community

Similar to fishing and some extreme sports, playing golf attracts a special ilk of like-minded people who all understand the beauty of the game and pursue it passionately. If you’re inexperienced with your swings and handling your equipment, you’ll probably have lots of encouragement from your more well-versed peers. You don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself. Golf is a sport for amateurs, after all. Joining a club is a great step in the right direction.

2) Some Moderate Exercise

While golf can’t really be described as a physical sport, there’s certainly a ‘workout’ element somewhere in there. The thing is, pulling off a powerful and precise shot means you have to align your body perfectly every time, which tends to be more difficult than most people think. To make the most of your efforts, you might want to consider obtaining some golf training aids. These will help you when it comes to perfecting your game.

3) A Distinguished Etiquette

This is one aspect of the game that probably earned it its reputation for being a high-brow pastime of the rich. While that is certainly true, its merely because of the availability of resources, not because of the game itself. Borrowing clubs and finding public courses is now easier than ever, so don’t let resources stop you from playing golf on a regular basis!

One of the reasons people love playing are the unwritten rules. For example, shaking hands after each round of golf is a fairly common custom. Shaking hands with the other players, of course. Not with everyone present. Having drinks at certain holes has also become a part of the modern game.

4)  An Abundance of Formats

When it comes to actually playing the game of golf, there are a number of ways the game can be played! Whether it’s Foursomes, Texas-scramble, Stableford, Match Play, or Foe ur Ball, you are sill playing golf. Different games are suitable for different expertise levels, so everyone can join a game format they prefer.

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What’s more, golf can be played both individually and with a team. This means you can choose whether you want to climb the leader boards on your own, or recruit some friends to help you!

5) Beautiful Courses & Serene Surroundings

As you probably know, golf courses are usually wide open areas with plenty of vegetation and natural obstacles that make them all the more fun. In fact, there are many people who play the game of golf simply for this reason. Imagine an outing with friends where you get to play a game, look at the picturesque landscapes, and even eat and drink while playing. That is an excursion few people would turn down.


Golf is a game that often takes years of practice and dedication to perfect, but is immediately fun the very first time you pick up a club. Considering that you can join a local country club and quickly learn the basics, or hit up a public course with an experienced friend, you shouldn’t fear being a rookie forever. Find some friends, go spend time in nature, and play the game of golf. What’s not to like?


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