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Patriots Day Movie Review! Our Buzzchomp entertainment vlog! This movie is a must see especially if you’re familiar with the events that occurred 2013 on Patriots Day in Boston.

I saw a preview of Patriots Day a few weeks ago. I’ve been excited to see this movie since I’m from Boston and followed the marathon bombing ordeal. Anyone from Boston knows just how awesome and amazing Patriots Day is! It’s an experience in itself.

Patriots Day movie is really good! It’s definitely sad but it really pays tribute to those that were affected by the bombing. Mark Wahlberg plays a composite character of multiple police officers. Sometimes this bothers me when films do this but for Patriots Day movie it linked the whole film. The story really needed that have it completely gel!

The film opened early on December 21st but nationwide on January 12th! Our Patriots Day Movie review is spoiler free! This film really does embody the sentiment that resonated after marathon bombing.

Patriots Day Movie has so many amazing actors in it. I love that about this film. Since I’m an actor I truly appreciate it and am always looking for films with great acting in it! It’s really great since all of the characters except Mark Wahlberg are based on real characters at the end of the film you see the real characters! I love that. It really put the whole story into perspective.

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Patriots Day Movie is a must see! Comment on our Patriots Day Movie review and let me know if you’ve seen the film or plan on seeing it!

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